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Budget 2024: Fairness for Every Generation

Here's an introduction to the **2024 Federal Budget** in Canada: The 2024 budget outlines significant investments in housing, student support, and tax changes. As financial planners and citizens, it's essential to stay informed about these developments and consider their impact on your financial strategies. 🇨🇦💰

1. **Housing Initiatives**:
   - The budget allocates significant funds for housing, aiming to create more affordable homes.
   - Clients looking to buy or invest in real estate should monitor housing market developments and consider how these initiatives might affect property prices and rental markets.

2. **Student Housing Support**:
   - Changes to the Canada Student Financial Assistance Program formula will impact students' housing costs.
   - Parents and students should review their financial plans to account for potential adjustments in education-related expenses.

3. **Capital Gains Tax Changes**:
   - The budget introduces modifications to capital gains taxation.
   - High-net-worth clients with substantial investments should assess the impact of these changes on their portfolios and tax strategies.

4. **Fiscal Landscape**:
   - The government faces economic challenges, including slow growth and inflation.
   - Financial planners should stay informed about monetary policy shifts and consider their clients' investment and retirement plans in this context.

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